Many who already use the Linux know much about it and they already explored it and have an experiment in using it. But for those who use the traditional one and do not have much experience on other operating systems, Linux is a new thing. So in this article, we share to you an uploaded video that shows facts about the operating system Linux. There are ten things here and others who have already watched said they learned much about Linux.

Do you know that the New York Stock Exchange is powered by Linux? It was chosen to replace what they are using because of the fast ability of Linux in computation.  They are not the only big organization that uses it. The US Department of Defense also uses it. They use it to run the submarines they have.  Another fact is that Linux kernel is unmatched in development in terms of the  3.18 version in the year of 2015 as it has 18 million line of the source code. You can understand how Linux is appreciated much and is preferred by other users.

Many who know much about the operating system and applications or software have an understanding on many things about computer so they can decide what to use over the other and they can just install and uninstall applications or anything needed. For those who do not know much and can only understand about social media and online shopping and others cannot explore and experience on their own using Linux operating system. One of the most used software for engineering students in building up a house style is available online. The zw-cad software is what most students are using because of its friendly user navigation. This software builds up a 3D style for you to easily navigate and make your own design of building.