Linka is the first auto unlocking smart bike lock. It can do a lot of cool things because of it’s powerful lock. It makes you always ready to lock up. By tapping the button, it will automatically hardened the  steel ring slides that makes it impossible to ride away. If someone tries to pick it up, it has a built-in accelerometer that automatically triggers a silent stopping thief sending alert directly to your phone. Below is the infographic about how much you should invest in this technology.

What makes linka a smart lock is it’s ability to recognize who you are and automatically unlock as you approach. You can always unlock it with your smartphone or for phoneless access you can press your four digit passcode. Focus teaming is a universal open-source food printer. It can print many different food categories, confectionery and bakery products, meat and dairy products, vegetables and food products and many more. You will see it is clean and easy to use. Your printable food come safely packaged in cartridges. This makes focus you need the first plug and play printer.

We want to show the world how easy and creative food printing  can be no matter. If you use Bou Cassini in gastronomy confectionary or at home with polka scene, you can create your own fantastic new food worlds and create unprecedented food creations. Eden Garden sensor assess the soil nutrition in your garden. It tracks how humid or dry it may be. The temperature, the kind of sunlight you’re getting throughout the day then Eden takes all the information about your garden. These are the latest technologies that makes our life easy and secure and the tools that has changed the world of today.