Bill Gates currently ranks first place on the Forbes list of the world’s billionaire with an estimated worth of 86.9 billion dollars. He is the man behind the most successful technology that we are using today which ids the Microsoft. He created the Windows operating system, seemed destined as the precious troubled youth to become a pioneer of computer technology. He is a geek in computer programming. His works is definitely active up until today and in the near future. As technology upgrades every year, his successful inventions is a big help in the industry. Below is the infographics telling about the facts about Bill Gates.

Fabio Matsu is the customer co -creation leader for Joel and gas today. He leads a cross functional team that code together to developed with TransCanada pipeline. The latest edition of gas turbines today is definitely the coolest part of running a co creation of the LT 16 is the early engagement for their customer in the design phase of the gas stove that we are using. When nothing was built and when a lot of hypotheses were still on the table, he was extremely exciting to work on these hypotheses. He explore new ideas and develop new patterns workings and science with his customers.

What people are looking for today is a gastar being capable to deliver high efficiency on a wider operating range and this is exactly what a novelty does. This is the highest efficiency that adapts smoothly to load variations. It delivers the high efficiency exactly what customer needed the most helping them to drive down their operating expenses well. This invention is also a big help in our daily life to make our life simple and easier.