Operating System Contenders

What are the basics of an operating system so that you have an understanding of it’s desired purpose? What are the key concepts and definitions which is briefly touching upon the essentials of operating systems? What is an operating system? In simple terms, operating system is the chief program that manages all the hardware and software. It controls every process file section of the memory and device. It works as the middleman making sure the hardware and software interact correctly.

Windows, Mac OS, Linux and UNIX are the big operating system contenders. All have their own capability but they are all based off the same concept. Every operating system work together like a team to get jobs completed. Operating system works as their boss and to make sure they are all working in harmony, the memory manager is in charge of the main memory. It scans every request for memory space and checks if it is valid it allows allocation of memory spaces that are not taken up already.

Memory spaces need to be allocated to free up space for other request. The process manager decides how to allocate the brain of the computer known as the central processing unit. It  is necessary that the process manager keeps track of the status of each process. It has to handle jobs as they enter the system and manage each process that is associated with these jobs. The device manager monitors every device channel and control unit. It has to choose the most efficient way to allocate all of the system devices that are connected to the computer. Operating system is very important in every devices as it is the brain of the whole system that maintains the performance capability of your device.